Monday, January 14, 2008

Scootercast Update

So, since moving I've been playing catch up on a lot of aspects of my life, in particular, my online life. One of my most shameful procrastinations has been the pile up of Scootercasts in my podcast subscriptions.
I have been trying to catch up for sometime, but quite honestly, it felt like a never ending battle. Dave is so diligent with his podcasting duties, that listening to a couple a month, when I got the chance, was like treading water. Today, though, I had the opportunity to get up to date with Dave's podcasts, and I gotta tell ya, if you haven't been checking out Scootercast religiously, you have been missing out. It seems like each show is better than the last, and in each one Dave's easy going, mellow, scooterist-next-door, personality just shines through.
In particular I recommend his latest installment, where he talks about Steve Guzman of the Scooter Scoop's latest coup of becoming the US contact for Italijet. Congratulations, by the way, Steve, and kick those guys into gear! We wanna see a 250cc Dragster stateside, stat!
I also got a big kick outta the extended length interview with Bobo of Cannonball fame about scootertouring.
In a way it is hard to believe that it's been a year since Dave started the ScooterCast. But listening to the latest installments, and the increase in confidence and professionalism that Dave exudes in his interviews, soundmixing, and editing, it's obvious that he has been putting alot into this project.
The Dragon lifts a mead horn to hoping that 2008 is as entertaining and educational for Scootercast as 2007. Thanks for all the great listens, Dave!

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