Thursday, May 25, 2006

Life Update of the Punkelf

If I even have any regular readers (Yes, besides you, Mom) they are probably wondering what the hell is going on with this blog. Almost two weeks since there was a comics related post, and all these entries on two-wheeled vehicles. Well I got a new temp contract at VeriSign, so my state-sponsored vacation has come to an end. Which means less time to work on the comic and virtually no time to work at the bookstore. I'm currently training on day-shift, though in a couple weeks I will back under my comfortable rock on Graveyard. This switch in schedule has my circadian rythms all screwy, so sleep has become a strange and mysterious thing to me. It sneaks up on me when I least expect it, and is nowhere to be found when I'm stalking the wild slumber. But it looks like the job will be satisfying (beyond just fiscally) and I'm learning some cool stuff in my training (mostly about the byzantine technological world of cell-phone companies and text-messaging technologies).
Anyway, what does that mean for you, the reader? Well, the Dragon will be expanding its focus somewhat. Yes, there should be some more comic related posts soon. But you can also look forward to being subjected to other facets of my geekiness... er um eclectic interests. The daily commute has me spending more time on my cherished 2005 TN'G Venice LX, so my thoughts have been on scooters a lot lately. Plus the poor little 49cc mule is getting beat from the 40 mile round-trip commute. About half of that distance is up steep hills and/or in 35-40mph zones, so I'm really looking at adding another scoot to my quiver in the near future. Like we scooterists are fond of pointing out (at least the ones whose nether regions dangle on the seat abit)I don't really have anything to compensate for in my choice of personal vehicle, so I'm looking for something no bigger than 250cc, more likely 150cc.
I've been looking at electric scoots (and should be posting a round up of links soon,) but I don't feel that the sweet spot of power, range and price has been hit yet. But that is a rant for another time.
Another subject I haven't touched on yet, but which you will likely see more on is cooking. I know the internets are flooded with recipe sites and the like (hell between my beat up Joy of Cooking and the downstairs computer, it's really hard for me even borrow cookbooks from the bookstore. I just cann't justify it.)But I love to whip up the occasional tasy dish, especially if it can tickle my beloved Jes's finicky and strangley tuned gastro-intestinal system. I don't know that I really want to get into posting recipes, but short reviews of cool ingredients and foodstuffs just might find their way onto these pixels soon.
Speaking of reviews, I've also been thinking of posting some short reviews of movies, comics, and tech that I think are worth my time.
If anybody out there has some suggestions for other things they'd like to see on this site, feel free to send 'em my way

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