Sunday, May 28, 2006

Now this is the Dragon's idea of a vacation!

Tribewanted: Adventure Island

Wow!I'm not sure how to describe this, one part eco-tourism, one part adventure travel, while definitely catching some of the Lost and Survivor cultural zeitgiest.

This is not a reality TV show – it is real life. Only 5000 people from around the world will be united by one common theme, they will be members of a Tribe that will form, shape and actively develop an adventure island community. The tribal community will be made up of people of different ages, races, and languages. There will be teachers, architects, surfers, doctors, students and dreamers. The tribe will come together and the adventure will begin.

Part of me thinks this is too good to be true, but I've given the website a cursory scouring and it looks legit. I haven't shown Jes yet, but knowing her she'll be all about it.The pricing scheme seems pretty fair $220 a year per person (in up to three year blocks) and for each year you get a weeks meals and accommodations on the island (you have to provide your travel to Fiji.) I just hope they don't fill up before I can save enough for me and my sweets.

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