Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Email to the Chief / Cartoonists Corner

Howard Cruse's Comics Coloring in Photoshop tutorial

Towards the bottom of the page are his comments doing linescreens or "zipatone."

Now for a few final words about Photoshop's conversion-to-screens process. If your drawing is going to be reproduced on high-quality slick paper, you can go for broke with a very high lpi setting. 120 lpi art is common in the glossies, as is 133 lpi. But for most uses 85 lpi or 100 lpi will produce a screen that looks very smooth to the average eye. If you actually want the reader you be conscious of the dots, you can lower the resolution as much as you like. Hell, you could even generate 6-lines-per-inch art, I suppose. But remember, the dpi resolution will remain at 600 dpi unless you specify otherwise.

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