Monday, May 01, 2006


Jesica Abel's comics tutorial.
Screen tones:
Also known as zipatone, which is a company name of a company that no longer makes screen tones (or exists? I don't know). This is a plastic film with an even pattern of tiny dots printed on it that reads as grey on a printed page. You stick it on the spot where you want the grey, cut it to fit with an X-acto knife, peel away the excess, and then rub it down. Expensive, messy, and with the additional disadvantage of making most people's work look stiff, flat, and boring, screen tones are nonetheless desired by many a beginner enamored of Dan Clowes. I say, don't do it. However, if you are set on it, be sure not to use screens smaller than 42.5 lines per inch. If you do, when the dots reduce they will run together and make a visual mess. Best to use 27.5 or 30 line screens. Generally, use nothing darker than a 50% screen, nothing lighter than 20%. Make sure not to layer screens, or you'll get a moiré pattern, which looks psychedelic and bad, and is too complex to get into.

She's the quest of honor at the Olympia's Comic Fest this year.

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