Tuesday, May 23, 2006


VIDEO: The monowheel
This has got to be the COOLEST THANG EVAH!
I could make some cheap South Park jokes here about Mr. Garrison, but this video has really touched and inspired me.
I've been looking at a lot of rat and survival bikes lately, as they are such a refreshing break from Harleys (and the thousand and one clones thereof) and Vespas (ditto). There were a lot of bikers around me as a kid, and that resourceful, DIY, "this is who I am, love it or don't" attitude really made an impression on me. Men like Lee Cockerham, whom I once hung out with for a few days in buddy's garage as he reassembled his basket-case Harley for one-legged operation while listening to opera, these guys were my heroes my role models. But bikes and biker culture isn't what it used to be, and well, I don't wanna bash on anybody who resists conforming to the American auto addiction or the machines that give their dreams wings, but I really do HATE to walk into a Harley dealership. I'd rather go to a four-star restruaunt in torn jeans and a greasy T-shirt. Ditto for a Vespa dealership. There are a lot of people chasing after it, but the "outlaw" mystique of two wheels and a motor is fast fading. And you know what I could care less. Let the graying boomers take out second mortgages for their tricked out chromed-to-the-eyeballs hawgs. Let the thirty-something gen-xers feel enviromentally smug on their brand-new ultra fuel efficient wasps. Two-wheels and a motor is still the most fun you can have with your pants on, and who am I to deny anybody that joy? But it does seem that the biker community has lost something. I remember some greasy long-haired bearded bloke instructing me as a kid in the proper strategies for picking up a cherry hog (classifieds after the first freeze, college boys with buyers remorse.) The virtues of a bike as an outlaw thing, a fortean "damned thing", economical and joyful.
Anyway ratbikes, survival bikes, and battle scooters are quickly becoming my obession du jour. Or things like this Rokon. Seriously thinking about getting one of these for my next scoot.
So here's a raise of the glass to all those unsung mad-men! To wind tangles in your beard!

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