Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Virtual Vespas

Linux News is reporting that H.R. Block virtual offices within Second Life are giving away Vespas (you know, virtual Second Life Vespas)

As the tax deadline nears, H&R Block is serious about giving real-life advice to made-up characters.
Because those characters are controlled by real people, otherwise known as potential clients.
This is no digital dalliance. Last year Computer World magazine named H&R Block Island one of the eight most useful corporate sites within Second Life. The island, which has been up for more than two years, has eight tax offices, an auditorium, product pavilion and DJ playing pop songs in a nightclub, complete with lighted dance floor and disco ball.
Free Stuff
Since dancing is popular in Second Life, Block gives visitors a free computer script that allows their avatars to dance. (They also give them a virtual H&R Block T-shirt, hoodie and Vespa scooter.)

I haven't spent much time in Second Life. I downloaded the base application over a year ago, but I was playing a lot of World of Warcraft at that time, and well Second Life just seemed a little dry compared to WoW.
But you know, I have been procrastinating the taxes... And if I ever was to spend time back in Second Life, a Vespa would be aweful nice...

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