Friday, April 25, 2008

Anniversary, Announcement, and Assorted Aliterations

Well today is the second Anniversary of my first post here on Honky-Tonk Dragon. Over 1100 posts and 75,000 hits later, it might seem like a good time for reflection, and indulging in laser accurate probes of hind-sight. I'm sure I'll get to that eventually, but right now, I'm looking toward the future, for reasons which will become obvious in a moment.

The announcement part of this post is probably the biggest personal announcement, ever.

Jes is preggers!

We are both, excited, anxious, overwhelmed, ecstatic, worried, and overjoyed.

The timing could be a little better, I suppose, as we are both still settling in to Connecticut. But neither of us is getting any younger, and just about every parent I have talked to agrees that you are never ready, it just happens and you become ready.
I always understood that notion, intellectually, but now it is tangible. The more the concept of impending parenthood becomes real to me, the more it becomes a source of strength. I am not being naive, I know that our lives as we have known them are basically over for the next twenty years.

I'm sure this development will impact the blog somewhat, though the details remain to be seen.


DaveM said...

Congrads to the Dragon and the Ms. Dragon. Life goes on, you just may be a little consumed by additional worries you didn't have before

Earthlight Books said...

ben, this is all beautiful

keep track of as much as you can handle. I am so grateful for the period of time I had for self-documentation and reflection. Especially now that I've lost it!

hang on buddy

just shipped a couple presents to ya'll over there. let me know when they arrive. one priority, one media