Friday, April 04, 2008

Steampunk Games

Brass Goggles (Which seems to share a posting schedule with the Dragon) has a couple of posts up recently about Steampunk computer games.

Dirk Valentine and the Fortress of Steam, is online game with old-school style controls and graphics. You can find it here.
It looks like the perfect thing for cubicle inmates looking to kill some down-time.

More interesting to me is Remnants of Skystone, an upcoming MMO which is Flash based. Tinkergirl writes:

Upcoming from the Flipline developer, and slated for release on the Kongregate site (known for free to play, Flash based games), Remnants of Skystone is a very Steampunk multiplayer game featuring character creation (look for gas masks, spats, goggles, brass cuffs and the most stunning facial hair I’ve yet seen in a game), socialising and co-operative side scrolling missions battling the bally alien invaders! There may even be the opportunity to have your own floating residence!

Apparently going to go live sometime this autumn (or fall, if you prefer) it looks like it has some potential indeed, and the blog has some nice backstory, art inspiration pages, and character screens. Several of the characters could do with smiling more, but I suppose with alien mimics denying the very ground you stand on, you might be a little disgruntled too!

The world definitely needs more games with stunning facial hair!

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