Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A Ska Scout is Tolerant, Energetic, Playful, and CLEAN

Illnoise over at 2Strokebuzz posted this today:

I have this whole rant about how parents today think they’re so badass and hip and enlightened, when they’re really just forcing their embarassingly lame 20-year-old values on their poor kids just like every other parent before them (They Might Be Giants and IKEA are actually several notches down the hip scale from Shel Silverstein and avocado-colored appliahttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifnces). But today I’ll spare you that lecture and pretend it’s cool that my Debbie-Harry-obsessed daughter watches a kids’ show that runs stuff like this.

While this is only peripherally scooter related (there's a scoot-toy to be seen hiding in the messy room), this really made my day. The cartoon hits Ska nail on the head, and as 2Stroke is trying to say, does it with a useful message, and without watering it down. "Pickitup, Pickitup, Pickitup" as a cheerful admonition for neatness in kids is just genius. This song will be my new cleaning-day mantra, and probably the bane of any children I may have.

Pirate Papa, you gots to check this out!

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