Sunday, August 20, 2006

Rembrandt at 400

ARTnews has an interesting article on the state of Rembrandt studies around his 400th birthday. (Which was July 15th, gee Mom and you thought I was late with your birthday greetings... the package is almost ready I swear!)

Other discoveries remain to be made. What else lies ahead for Rembrandt studies? Liedtke says that a great deal of archival research is still unpublished. “Forty or 50 years from now,” he believes, “we’ll have a much more nuanced and subtle idea of Rembrandt’s paintings and drawings. A lot will emerge, particularly about Rembrandt’s pupils, and this will affect our view of Rembrandt.” Will we know more about the man? “We’ll know more about his house, his business, his family, his daily life,” Liedtke says. But to know his character, we will have to do what people have always done: we will have to look at his paintings.

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