Thursday, August 17, 2006

Mark Golden's Acrylic Paint Blog

Mark Golden on Paint

If you know anything about the history of acrylic paint... well then your at least as big an art geek as the Dragon, but that's another post entirely... then you know that Mark Golden is the son of Sam Golden, the man who invented Acrylic paint. And if you know anything about fine-artist quality acrylics, you know that Golden Artist Colors, the father and son company founded by Sam and Mark, makes some of the best in the world. They are also highly dedicated to working with artists to help get what they want out of paint, and doing it in ways which will stand the test of time.
So the Dragon is extremely excited to find that Mark has a blog over on Golden's website (which itself is a huge resource for the art geek who wants to know all that crazy science stuff about their materials.) I met Mark once, in a previous incarnation as art-supply salesperson, so I'm also excited to reaquaint myself with the man through the blogosphere.

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