Sunday, August 20, 2006

Back in the Saddle ... er um... Studio, again

Well, if you couldn't tell from some of the posts lately, my mind is turning to thoughts of paint. Yesterday, I bit the bullet and bought about $200 worth of paint and brushes from OPAS. Yes, there is a significant stash of art materials laying around Jes and I's little love shack, but they are predominately oil-based. Our little chalet is very small, and taking into account Jes's sensitivity to various allergens, our lovely but constantly shedding cats, and my significant lack of free-time, I thought acrylics would be a better starting point.
I've got five or six years worth of reference photos saved up, so subject matter shouldn't be a problem. Inspiration certainly isn't, I can't quit thinking about that cobalt teal. What a color!

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