Tuesday, November 11, 2008

T C and Me: A Little Rockumentary

Yet another documentary on the coolest little music scene you've never heard of, this one about the Rockingest of the Little Rockers, TC.

I can't wait to see this one, TC is one of those characters that once you meet him, he's burned into your psyche. He changed the way I looked at Metal (the man is like a Man-O-War song made flesh) and the way I look at shoes. Plus in the above preview, there are some clips Vic Wiley... Bonus!

TC, here's hoping Odin's smiling upon you.

Thanks for the tip Bircho!

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Anonymous said...

Did Poe do this documentary?

Sometime last year I'm sitting on my couch watching a movie drinking beer at 3am. The door opens TC walks in looks around and walks back out. This was like something out of the twilight zone. You see I don't "know" TC. I've bought him a beer or two or seen him play or see him at midtown but that is all. My only guess is that he was leaving Midtown. Very strange. If I didn't know who TC was I would have freaked out.

I'm still waiting on that Glands documentary. Actually I'm working on getting some of their recordings. If your interested let me know.

Iain De Sane