Saturday, February 02, 2008

Random Blather

Since I've moved to the East Coast, I've noticed that I pay a peculiar attention to TV shows and movies set in New York City. I'm starting to realize that somehow I've skipped a step in the East Coast artist development.
I mean, an artist is supposed to get established while living in the Bronx or the Lower East Side, and once they make it, they move to the country... better known as Connecticut.
Somehow, through the love of my gorgeous Jes, I've skipped a step, yet I still need to establish myself, artistically... Well, maybe that's another post...
Anyway... I guess maybe I just wanted an excuse to post this picture, Stargazing, which is by Kevin Kresse, who despite his lack of international notoriety is one of my top five living artists, and also happens to feature Craig Watkins, my best friend from high school. Needless to say, it makes me very happy... and despite my personal attachment to the painting, I think there is something special and unique going on with it. Something a can't really think of another example in Western art that really touches the same vibe... almost an illustration of Wilde's quote "We are all in gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars." It doesn't quite capture the objective feeling of the painting, but it does encapsulate much of how I feel about Kevin and Craig.
So anyway, Kevin or Craig, if you are out there, and you are thinking about making a strategic strike on the Big Apple, I'd love to see you, and, well, I can offer you a peaceful base of operations in the country... Heck, you can even tell folks you are staying in Fairfield County, and play it off like you are the Big Shots we all know you really are.

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