Tuesday, February 05, 2008

DIY Lap-Apron for Scooterist

Cara over at GirlBike, has a post up about how she crafted her own lap-apron, or scooter-skirt out of "a 60-inch round vinyl tablecloth, some scrap fleece material, a piece of nylon strap, some velcro, and several large stainless metal washers."

Pretty ingenious, and thrifty, as commercial lap-aprons start at around $100.

But you know I just can't bring myself to wear a scooter-skirt. I mean I'm confident enough in my masculinity to wear a kilt, and has accepted my geekiness enough to proudly ride a scoot (plus ya cannae ride a motorcycle in a kilt). But a scooter-skirt is just too much... it seems like I'd just be begging the Chess Club to beat me up, and I'd have a hard time getting anyone to play D&D with me.

Still, this is pretty cool. Maybe someone will come out with a pattern for an apron that attatches to a P-Series leg-shield... THAT, I would love!

Despite what those jerks in the Chess Club might say...

(has anyone else noticed that GirlBike has become like a scooter-blogging army, lately?)


Blue Mark said...

And hey! For the holiday season you can just strap on a Christmas tree skirt - complete with festive holiday decorations. Tree Skirts

Joshua said...

"plus ya cannae ride a motorcycle in a kilt"

I have to disagree. I regularly wear my motorcycle in my kilts. You just have to be careful.

wickedvox said...

Could you please publish the link to her directions? I tried girlbike.com but all it had was a picture of a bicycle!! HELP! Thanks!