Monday, December 10, 2007

Crossing the US on a Ruckus

Y'all surely know by now that the Dragon is a sucker for any tale of cross-country wandering. When such feats are accomplished on two wheels, it's even cooler, and the smaller the bike... well the more props are due. Well, the intrepid Wan from Seoul, South Korea saved money he'd earned from working in a restaurant for a year to live his dream of touring the US on a 49cc Honda Ruckus.
That, my friends, is what the old skooler's call intestinal fortitude.
Wan networked with folks over at the Total Ruckus forum before his trip, and the saga of his journey is lovingly documented there with many photos... Man, I can see many hours of daydream fodder ahead of me as I digest that thread.

So far from what I've read Wan, or drinkbeer9 as he is known on Total Ruckus, has been really fortunate in meeting friendly and enthusiastic 'Mericans. I sure hope that continues to be true for him.

I also found this post by Wan really interesting. It is a short photo-essay on how he packs his Ruck. Like so much else about this story, it should be inspirational to any scooterist, no matter what lineage their steed descends from.

OK, there are like 31 pages to this thread, and while the Dragon is not normally the kind of beast to flip to the last page of a book, I had to see where Wan is now. Seems he's spending some time enjoying Austin, TX (and who can blame him?) So, it lucks like I'll be posting some updates on this story as it progresses.

GO WAN! You Rock!

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ROJA said...

This guy is very cool and is having one helluva adventure! Thanks for telling us about this (via Modern Vespa).

Lorenzo said...

Wan reminds us what we once aspired to do with our youth. There's still time. Go Wan!

Anonymous said...

Wan has just concluded his trip and is now back in Korea. Before leaving he made one last impact on more lives when he raffled off his Ruckus and donated the money to the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

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