Sunday, April 30, 2006

Solarplate tips

Printmaking Tips
I know this is insane but did my first day back at the bookstore yesterday, and with Artswalk going on we had the back room open and the press running. So there was a lot of talk going on amongst the boys about impending plans to do some small publishing. Well doing similar research for the comic, and like things often do in my brain, the chocolate got in the peanut butter, so now i'm trying to find a way to easily turn black and white line art into a plate for a letterpress. It seems like solarplates (or photopolymer plates) might be good way to do this.
Yes, I realize that it will end up being worth the extra money to just have the comic professionally digitally printed, but it would be fun to do a limited run that was hand-printed, and handbound on handmade paper.
Hey don't knock the dreamers!

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