Saturday, April 29, 2006

The online gallery of Dale Martin: A Foolproof Method of Comic Book Hand Lettering

A Foolproof Method of Comic Book Hand Lettering
Currently debating with myself the lettering scheme for the comic, mainly whether or not to use a "comic book" font, and cut n' paste from my rtf script. (most of my comic writing is done on an old Apple Emate, I of course have access to other writing tools, but I started using this as a portable notetaking machine in college and have found it is the most "transparent" writing tool for how I write.)
There is a little voice in my head that insists that "hand lettering" will allow for more character and emphasis to my text. I wouldn't really be doing it by hand, it would be done just like my "pencils" and "inks", that is to say with my new (to me) 12"X12" Intous in Manga Studio or Photoshop.
I guess the main issue is whether it is worth the extra time it will take for this extra expressiveness.
Anyway this comic format tutorial on hand-lettering is cool on its own merits so I'm posting it.

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