Saturday, April 29, 2006

Religion of Comic Book Characters (esp. Super-Heroes)

This page was a lot of fun and very thorough.
Then there is also this
I'm so outta the loop I had no idea that Colossus was gay!
Just read the end of the story arch Dust and Ashes, so I knew Constantine walked both sides of the street, as it were.
After spending an hour or so looking over both of these pages, enheartened that, comics have been so diverse in the spiritual background of their populace, and discouraged that queer characters are for the most part still tokens and novelties.
Oh well, I don't really read much of the "spandex-pervert" stories anymore... Though I am grabbing "Ex Machina" nathologies as they come out, and speaking of The Machine and coming out... it seems that subplot was never really wrapped up... I'm betting he's bi, or if he is het, he's a little more kink than straight.

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Klintron said...

This only refers to the "Ultimate" Colossus, which is an alternate reality version. The "real" Colossus came back from the dead in 2004 and is now holding hands with Shadowcat again.