Sunday, August 12, 2007

My Future Papoose Pack

That's right folks, when the Dragon decides to ensure his posterity, he's found just the thing for toting a tyke whilst riding a bike...

That's a joke of course... I wouldn't carry a hatchling on the scoot, unless I had a sidecar.

Actually, the whole thing is a bit of a put-on. This is a gorgeous hand-made leather backpack. If you click the title link, it will take you to an amazingly talented Russian gent's Live Journal page. He's posted many more pictures of this piece, and if you scroll down you will see that you can get one crafted for about $450 USD with about a month turn around. Though I imagine shipping from Rus might take a bit longer. Those folks at customs always seem to scruntize dragons very thoroughly...

via Neatorama

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Vespa Motorcycle said...

Hehe could just imagine someone with a dragon in their side car!

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