Friday, August 31, 2007

Changes, Travel, and other Miscellany

Posting is getting as slow molasses in an Alaskan January around here lately, and I'm sorry.
Jes and I will be moving to Connecticut very soon, and here currently for her Aunt and Uncle's upcoming anniversary... (Happy 50th, Barbara and Dave!)
We are doing some scouting around for jobs and domicile's as well.
Once we return to the West Coast, we will begin packing in earnest, so post frequency probably won't pick up until around Halloween.

Happy Labor Day, to all the Dragon's friends, family, and fans.


Steve Williams said...

Congratulations on the eastward migration. You'll arrive during one of the fine New England times of color and change.

Connecticut is a place that is wide ranging in locale. Should be an interesting place to ride.

Good luck!

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks

Honky-Tonk Dragon said...

Thanks, Steve.

The Redding area where we will be is riddled with hilly, winding, narrow country roads. Speed limits average 25 to 35. Very scenic routes, and I'm just itching to get the scooters out here.
I'm a little nervous about the winter weather, but other than that, it looks like a scooting paradise.
I'll have to try and steal a page out of your book, with more ride summarizing posts (and pictures) in the future.


Faeri said...

Oh dear friend who we are loosing to the mean coast,

Please do let us know when you are leaving and what plans are. We would like to visit before you take off. Our schedule is a bit funky in October, so advance notice is of rather great import.

love to you and the lady.

Anonymous said...

Hello my prodigal friend! I hope you are still coming through the south on your trek across the states. Amy and I would love to have you as guests. It has been too long since we have partaken of good Scotch Guinness and stuff. We just need a good reason to have a shindig so give me a call!!!!!!five01920589two

Iain De Sane