Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dave Arneson has Left the Prime Material Plane

As is my wont of late, I am late in this post in observation of the late Dave Arneson, who failed his last saving throw versus Cancer earlier this week.
This means that the two main minds behind the origins of Fantasy Role Playing Games, have left us.
I know there were some issues about Dave not feeling he got his due credit for his role in the creation of Dungeons & Dragons, though for me personally, I always remember his name being right there on the front of my rule books.
Fare the well, Dave.

Now here's hoping Ken St. Andre will still be with us for awhile.


Ken St. Andre said...

I intend to be here for quite a while yet. And you could be with me, if you visited and joined. (grin
--Ken St. Andre

punkelf said...

I can't tell you how giddy I am that you have commented on my obscure little corner of the interweb.

Here's to hoping that you are with us, feeding our imaginations, for decades to come.