Monday, October 27, 2008

Notes from the Dragon's Cave

Yes, I realize I've fallen off the face of the earth.
It has been a crazy Summer, what with Zoe being born, and working at a scooter dealership during the busiest year of scooter sales in American history. There have been some other developments in last couple months which I'll catch y'all up in due time.
I've managed to squeeze a couple minor creative projects into my schedule, and I hope to posting some images of those soon as well.
The first couple of months with Zoe were pretty intense. We had some periods of extreme colic, which pretty much meant that I was spending most of my free time bouncing our little bugaboo, so that Jes could have at least a few hours every day with lessened screaming. There is no way for me to describe the daily lessons I have been subjected to on unconditional love.
I really don't want this blog to become a baby-blog. But parenthood, combined with the realization that the big 40 is sneaking up on me, has caused me to be more introspective in my few private moments, and I would like to share some of those meditations eventually.

So anyway, more to come soon.

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Earthlight Books said...

of course, i tune in mere moments after this post, for the first time in months, for the first post in months, in a sentence which needs no additional commas.

i love you ben, and i'm sorry i haven't called more diligently. I will do so this week, i promise, the time diff throws me for a loop

typing this on a new little Asus Wireless I picked up, linux loaded, i'm sure you're familiar. pretty slick little machine, if the keyboard weren't so small.

zoe is beautiful and every second you pour in will repay itself ten-thousand fold over the next two decades, not to mention the years after, spent in the bars of our youth with the fruit of our own loins, but I won't even go there, except to raise an early glass to what are sure to be some spectacular "family" reunions.

here's to you and yours old friend, we're holding down the wet coast front just fine, my empire continues to grow. will fill you in on the details.

lyli and scarleht and hannah (who's doing that seasonal landscaping thing in northern cali.... :) all say hello and send their love.

as do i, old friend, as do i


forty is small potatoes, remember, we are infinite, immortal, and, if by the sheer force of stubbornness alone, shall live to be three hundred.

a.k.a. pirate papa