Thursday, June 12, 2008

Coast to Coast on MP3 500s

Jess, of Modern Vespa fame, is reporting that two retirees in their 70s are about to tour from San Francisco to the Big Apple on MP3 500s:

Rosenbaum and riding partner Chase met on a motorcycle trip in the late 1990s and have since tamed blistering deserts and the world’s tallest mountains in 40 countries. Buddy, a retired clinical psychologist and academic and Bob, a semi-retired industrial business leader, don’t just have passports that rival those of international diplomats, they have the energy and fitness factor required to log thousands of miles and challenging terrain annually. As they approached their 70s, however, their heavy sport touring bikes became a bit tougher to handle. Enter the innovative Piaggio MP3 500, the only three-wheeled machine on the market that gets a rider’s adrenaline into high-rev mode while delivering utility, such as cargo space, and long-distance riding comfort.

In addition to the MP3 500’s sporty character, Rosenbaum and Chase chose the maxi scooter for its unparalleled stability. The MP3’s innovative parallelogram front suspension technology is unlike anything else available in the market – it provides category-leading stability and impeccable road holding, while large 240 mm triple steel disk brakes ensure fast stopping power. The MP3 requires 20% less braking distance than best-in-class two-wheel scooters. Best of all for sport bike enthusiasts like Buddy and Bob, the MP3’s 40-degree wheel lean angle gives riders that same ear to ear grin that comes with carving a motorcycle through a turn.

“Growing old doesn’t mean you have to abandon your passions – you just need to be creative and find smart new ways of enjoying your favorite recreation or sport,” says Paolo Timoni, President and CEO, Piaggio Group Americas, Inc. “The MP3 is the ideal solution for anyone who wants the pulse-pounding thrill of riding a motorcycle, with all the ease-of-riding benefits of a scooter.”

The Route: Geoblogs and Adventures from “America’s Main Street”
Following the June 13th, 12:00 Noon PST send-off across San Francisco’s Bay Bridge, the team will begin their journey through 14 states, 128 counties and 500 cities – a trek that literally all eyes around the world are invited to experience and track around the clock, thanks to the team’s daily “geoblogs” posted to Using the latest interactive Google® Map technology from Geotegic, a company founded by transcontinental driving record holder Alex Roy, real-time reports and images from the road are pinpointed within the route map and continually updated as the riders journey eastward. Check in often – the No Limits Ride content debuts at Noon PST, June 13.

In addition, fans are invited to meet the team in person at scheduled appearances along the route, including Vespa Provo, Orem, UT (June 17); Vespa Greenwood Village, Greenwood Village, CO (June 24); Vespa Chicago Motoworks, Chicago, IL (July 4); Vespa Pittsburgh East, North Huntingdon, PA (July 9) and Vespa Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA (July 12). Buddy and Bob are scheduled to arrive at 42nd Street and Broadway, the highway’s eastern terminus, on July 14.

We finally got an MP3 500 in at the store, and it sold before we had it completely uncrated.

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