Thursday, October 11, 2007

Scooterists for Peace

Steve Guzman, impresario of the Scooter Scoop asked me to spread the word about a group ride to support Alix Bryan's Peace Ride. Here's what Steve has to say:

Saturday "Peace Ride" to Crawford, TX Hey! Got my 3CR3 Rally photos posted here if you wanna see 'em. So, what's next? What's your stance on Peace? Like to see more of it? This isn't a political bashfest, it's just a simple show of peace from scooterists. Alix Bryan has ridden 11,000 MILES (on her SCOOTER!) interviewing people across the USA and asking them how THEY define peace. Why not ride with me to meet Alix from PeaceScooter in Crawford , TX (95 miles away from Austin, roughly 3 hours one-way) and join in escorting her back to Austin. If you are not from Austin but are close enough to show your support, come on out to Crawford! If you have the guts to make the ride and support the cause here's what we've got going on. Meeting at Jo's at 9:00am THIS Saturday 10/13/07 Leaving Austin at 9:30am and arriving around 12:30pm for a pro peace rally in the streets of Crawford. Likely wrapping up by 2:30pm - 3:00pm for the ride back. IF you cannot make the ride, but want to at least meet Alix contact the Urban Moto Shop for info on the celebration at their shop (around 7pm). We'll have some food on the grill! Steve

I haven't posted yet about Alix's ride, though you can find a lot of cool posts about it by Crystal Waters on Girl Bike
. Crystal has also created some peace-sign scooter seat covers, and she'll donate 50% of the proceeds from their sale to Alix's project.


Steve said...


Thanks for helping out.

You'd be surprised how many people think "POLITICS" when you say the word "PEACE". I'd just like to talk about peace... that politics thing is sort of a dead horse now.

Alix said...

Yes, I was overwhelmed by the amount of time I had to emphasize, "NO POLITICS, just tell me what PEACE means to do you define it"
My favorite is when someone tells me, "I don't believe in Peace," but still can't define it. I think you have to know what something IS before you disagree with it.
Most people say "I dont believe in Peace."
What is it though, I ask them
"The absence of war"
Ok, then the definition would be the absence of war.
ramble, ramble
ANyhow thanks for posting about the rally- I like the Tom Robbins quote.